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Never let slow-loading speeds interrupt your visitors’ experience when browsing your site. Our managed hosting platform includes image optimization, advanced caching and high bandwidth.

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Keep your information secure. Malware and suspicious file scanners keep your database squeaky clean. On the rare occasion of a security breach or mismanagement of data, we’ve got you covered with daily database backups.

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Experience zero downtime with complimentary, automatic SSL certificate renewal—one less subscription for you to keep track of. Access your maintenance requests, billing and customer support all in our client portal.


How Does Pricing Work?

Pricing starts at $100/month. This includes your hosting, basic maintenance, reporting, security and speed optimization. This does not include your domain name. You may transfer your domain name to our servers for additional fees.

What Is The Difference Between Hosting and Domain Servers?

Hosting servers are used to store your website database. Your domain server stores the URL of your website. The two work in combination with each other to serve your site to web browsers.

Does My Organization Retain Ownership of Our Website?

Yes! Your organization retains ownership of your website. While we store and manage the database, you may request a copy of it at anytime. If you decide to discontinue hosting with us, we will transfer your database back to your team. Your ownership is  guaranteed in our terms and conditions.

Does My Organization Retain Ownership of Our Domain (URL)?

Yes! Even if you decide to transfer your domain to our servers, our terms and conditions protect your ownership. If you decide to discontinue your subscription services with us, we will transfer your domain to a server of your choice.

How Does Security Work?

Our team will install two malware scanners on your website that will notify us if there are any suspicious files. This package also includes automatic SSL certificates that self-renew. This is included in the initial cost of the site—you will never be billed extra for this.

Will Transferring To Your Hosting Platform Speed Up Our Site?

Yes! But it may take up to  a week before you see results. Upon transferring your site to our platform, our team will install image optimization tools and advanced caching tools, both of which will increase your website speed significantly.

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