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From the Mountain Textured Background
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From The Mountain

From The Mountain: Malcolm Davis And The Art Of Shino is a catalog that documents the work and life of Malcolm Davis, a West Virginia based ceramic artist.


  • Gallery Catalog
  • Art Direction


  • Create a gallery catalog for investors of the From The Mountain exhibition


  • Zane Huggins / Art Director
  • Emma Mercer / Graphic Designer
  • Kristina Olsen / Client
  • Shoji Satake / Client
From the Mountain Booklet Cover Design Example


The logotype for From The Mountain was designed to give the title a visually interesting layout, utilizing both fonts, and multiple sizes.

Abril Display and Proxima Nova Font Examples


Abril Display and Proxima Nova are used to strike a balance between ornate and functional.

From the Mountain Color Palette of Brown, Orange, and Tan Squares

Color Palette

The color palette is borrowed directly from Malcolm Davis’ work in order to create an immersive experience for readers.