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Listening For Racial Understanding

Listening For Racial Understanding is a social campaign designed to facilitate meaningful dialog between individuals of different races and backgrounds.


  • 15-minute highlight reel of conversations held by participants
  • Website to serve as an online hub for videos, news, and events


  • Introduce the project to gallery visitors
  • Generate online publicity for the project and provide details about future events to increase attendance


  • Zane Huggins / Art Director
  • Weston Huggins / Web Developer
  • Eve Faulkes / Client
  • Susan Eason / Client
Black man speaking overlayed by statistics
Listening for Racial Understanding logo


The logo for Listening for Racial Understanding is an abstract type lockup that silhouettes the main motion graphic intro sequence. This familiar pattern is used to establish brand recognition with the organization’s audience.

Red and purple color scheme branding


The color palette consists of two main colors, each given two additional lighter tints. The red/rust color was used on an early marketing piece, so we used that as the starting point to expand to a full palette.

Bebas Neue and Adobe Caslon font families


Bebas Neue and Adobe Caslon were paired for this visual identity package. Bebas is known for its tall, slender, mechanical-like glyphs, which felt appropriate for a social campaign with an important message. Adobe Caslon was used as a friendly addition for long-copy reading.

Listening For Racial Understanding website shown on a Macbook


We designed Listening for Racial Understanding’s website as a hub for all of their videos, events/news, and an introduction to what the project is about.



The site was built for WordPress, allowing the team to add and remove content as needed.

Languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS/SASS, PHP


Their site is accessible via QR codes in live galleries exhibiting their work. It has dynamic content modules for frequent updates, and is full of engaging scroll effects.