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Yuyi Grows

@Yuyi_grows is a greenhouse located in California whose main sales platform is Instagram. We designed their logo and are currently developing their full brand identity and website.

carnivorous pitcher plant
logo: yuyi grows


The client requested little to no colors besides black and white, therefore, the logo is always presented as a white element on a black background.

type specimen: audrielle number one, eloquent jf pro, forma jf pro


Font family include Audrielle No 1, a cursive style font to resemble my client’s eccentric handwriting and signature. Eloquent JF Pro is used for headings that require high readability, and body text is Forma JF Pro, a clean sans serif typeface.

logos: mermaid, plant in pot, hanging plant, house with leaf


Icons included deconstructed components of the logo, with added elements such as a shopping bag and a greenhouse.

Four Examples of Yuyi Grows Website on IPad Screens

Yuyi_grows’ website is a high-powered, multi-functional site that houses an online store, blog, and grow guide library.


Development Tools

HTML, SASS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress Content Management System

Integrated Tools

Custom-built e-commerce section built on WooCommerce framework.

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