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Cheat Lake Travel

Our team worked with Cheat Lake Travel, a travel agency located in Morgantown, WV, to design and develop a new, user-friendly website. This platform seamlessly facilitates travel enthusiasts to effortlessly submit booking inquiries and independently book vacations through the integration of the agency’s affiliate links. The intuitive interface ensures a streamlined experience, enhancing accessibility and convenience for visitors seeking memorable and well-organized travel experiences.

Timeline: Fall 2023
Role: Web Design Consultancy
Client: Cheat Lake Travel

Web Design + Development

We revamped Cheat Lake Travel’s website to address existing pain points for both the agency and its clients. Migrating from Squarespace to the WordPress CMS, we implemented a suite of custom tools that not only enhanced the overall aesthetic but also significantly improved user experience. The new design not only delivers impactful content but also strategically encourages users to take desired actions, streamlining the booking process and providing a more efficient and enjoyable online interaction for both the agency and its clientele.

Destinations Page

Employing visual metaphors and storytelling techniques, we infused Cheat Lake Travel’s website with a captivating narrative that goes beyond mere information. By strategically integrating evocative imagery and narrative elements, we aimed to elicit emotional responses from users and foster a deeper engagement with the featured destinations. This approach not only informs but also immerses visitors in a visual journey, creating a more compelling and memorable browsing experience.

Client Travel Gallery

Our design for Cheat Lake Travel includes a client gallery featuring authentic photos captured by the agency’s clients during their journeys. This gallery serves as a powerful tool in building trust and authority, offering a firsthand glimpse into the real experiences enjoyed by travelers.