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We collaborated with ForeverGreenmont on a comprehensive branding and web design project, contributing to their identity through naming, logo design, color palette, and messaging. Our work also included the development of a feature-rich website, showcasing their house flipping and renovation projects in the Greenmont neighborhood of Morgantown, WV, with components such as a blog, galleries, and property listings.

Timeline: Summer 2020
Role: Branding + Web Design Consultancy
Client: ForeverGreenmont

Color Palette

Blue #6d7f90
Orange #9d4823
Green #c0dc8f


Brand + Identity

Our engagement encompassed strategic contributions such as naming, logo design, defining a cohesive color palette, and crafting compelling messaging to resonate with their target audience.

Web Design + Development

We designed and developed their website, seamlessly integrating essential features such as a dynamic blog, multiple galleries showcasing their renovation projects, and a detailed property listings section. ForeverGreenmont, a prominent house flipping and renovation group specializing in the Greenmont neighborhood of Morgantown, WV, now boasts a visually appealing and functional online platform that effectively showcases their commitment to revitalizing homes in the community.