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IgniteWV is a startup incubator and resource center for entrepreneurs based in West Virginia. Their organization seeks to empower entrepreneurs by facilitating connections between startup businesses, mentors, and investors. Through these collaborative networks, they guide entrepreneurs in navigating the distinctive challenges inherent to West Virginia businesses, ultimately contributing to a prosperous economic future for the state.

Timeline: April 2023 – Present
Role: Branding + UI/UX Consultancy
Client: IgniteWV

Color Palette

Blue #0000F5
Light Blue #5CC8FA
Green #9CE65C
Orange #EC5C29
Yellow #F8D347
Magenta #EE7BDF


The foundational IgniteWV branding was crafted by the WVU Chambers College of Business’ Strategic Communications team. Subsequently, it was entrusted to our team for meticulous fine-tuning. Collaborating closely with IgniteWV’s team, we delved into a comprehensive understanding of their target audiences. Through iterative refinement, we adjusted the brand, ensuring alignment with the preferences of stakeholders representing diverse age groups within the intended audience. This iterative process aimed at achieving a consistent, impactful experience through their visual language and messaging.


We designed the website interface and site map/user flows for, and developed and launched the final site. By collectively identifying the key success metrics for the IgniteWV team, researching strategies employed by similar organizations, and leveraging our industry insights, we took the lead in shaping the content strategy. From the initial information architecture to the website’s eventual launch, we played a pivotal role in ensuring a cohesive and effective online presence. now stands as the primary digital information hub for the organization, encompassing the business plan competition, guidelines, helpful resources, testimonials, and an event calendar.


After Effects, Figma, Flywheel, GitHub, Illustrator, Photoshop, Visual Studio Code, WordPress

Media + Blog

IgniteWV’s website includes a media section with blog posts and image galleries, designed to accommodate future video content. Geared towards inspiring future competitors, this section highlights the stories of past awardees along with professional photography from prior competitions.

  • Sub-Navigation for Content Sorting
  • Custom Blog Post Templates
  • Video Functionality

Competition Onboarding

A critical component of the website lies in the Compete page, housing comprehensive onboarding instructions and downloadable documents for the competition. The page features a sub-navigation equipped with jump links, ensuring a user-friendly experience by highlighting the active section as users scroll through the content.

3D + Motion + Interactions

From interactive, subtle scroll-based effects and animated infographics to creative button hover states, IgniteWV’s interface is designed to inform and entertain users. As an organization committed to changing the landscape of business in West Virginia, portraying their organization as an innovative, tech-forward brand was essential.

  • Tastefully Understated Scroll-Based Effects
  • Animated Infographics
  • Motion Branding

Content Strategy

We build robust content structures based on user research to enhance engagement and convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers. By understanding user behavior, we create targeted content that guides users through the customer journey, maximizing interaction and driving conversions.


We design all our websites to achieve scores of 90% or higher on Lighthouse site audits, ensuring top-tier Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. This commitment guarantees that our websites are fast, user-friendly, and highly optimized for search engines.

Website Hosting

IgniteWV’s website is hosted by Full Circle Design. All sites on this server undergo daily backups, monthly analytics, and benefit from a maintenance request portal. This portal notifies our team promptly in case of any issues experienced on the website, ensuring swift resolution.

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