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West Virginia Public Theatre

West Virginia Public Theatre (WVPT) strives to improve the cultural environment of West Virginia through quality professional programming and educational outreach. Our agency collaborated with WVPT to develop a new website that provides a more user-friendly experience, boosting ticket sales, site performance, and accessibility standards. This redesign ensures seamless navigation and access for all users, supporting WVPT’s mission to entertain, educate, employ, and enhance the availability of cultural activities in the Appalachian region.

Timeline: February 2024 – Present
Role: Wed Design + Development
Client: West Virginia Public Theatre

Streamlining Ticket Sales

Utilizing UI/UX research, we strategically placed purchase ticket buttons in the most frequently clicked areas of the layout, optimizing for various screen sizes and devices to enhance user engagement. Additionally, we created a “Current Productions” sales post type with robust content structures designed to improve SEO, ensuring better visibility and easier access for users seeking WVPT’s performances.

  • Responsive, research-informed purchase button placements
  • Streamlined ticket sales process
  • Robust content structure, improving SEO

Past Production Catalog

We designed a comprehensive system for cataloging past productions, featuring individual pages for each production with a reusable template to simplify the addition of new entries. This system ensures consistency and ease of management while incorporating a robust content structure to enhance SEO. As a result, WVPT’s rich history is more accessible and searchable, contributing to greater online visibility.

Content Strategy

We build robust content structures based on user research to enhance engagement and convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers. By understanding user behavior, we create targeted content that guides users through the customer journey, maximizing interaction and driving conversions.


We design all our websites to achieve scores of 90% or higher on Lighthouse site audits, ensuring top-tier Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. This commitment guarantees that our websites are fast, user-friendly, and highly optimized for search engines.

Website Hosting

West Virginia Public Theatre’s website is hosted by Full Circle Design. All sites on this server undergo daily backups, monthly analytics, and benefit from a maintenance request portal. This portal notifies our team promptly in case of any issues experienced on the website, ensuring swift resolution.