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Yuyi Grows

Yuyi Grows is a nursery that specializes in rare and unusual tropical plants with a specialty in carnivorous plants. I created their logo and branding, website, and collaborated with them on a product line of shirts, decals, and mailing packages for delivery.

Timeline: April 2021 – Present
Role: Branding + UI/UX Consultant
Client: Yuyi Grows

Color Palette

Black #000000
Gray #808080


Brand + Identity

The Yuyi Grows brand is inspired by a mermaid character named Yuyi, created by Lady Gaga. Our client specifically requested the inclusion of the mermaid in the logo, holding a nepenthes plant and featuring voluminous hair. The design has sparked diverse opinions, with some questioning the choice of a mermaid. In response, we highlight the success of iconic mascots like Starbucks’ mermaid logo, as well as characters such as Toucan Sam and Chester Cheetah. We believe that a mascot can effectively serve as a logo, eliciting strong emotional responses, which aligns perfectly with the vision shared by our client and us.

Website Design + Development

With a rising demand for Yuyi Grows to establish an online presence for sales, we were aware from the beginning of the branding project that an e-commerce website was on the horizon. The process of designing the website commenced in the spring of 2022, and it was successfully launched just a few months later in June. The website encompasses an online marketplace, grow guides (acknowledging the high demand for care tips at plant shows), and a blog where the owner can connect and share their journey with the audience.


• Streamlined and automated online sales—moved sales process from Instagram messenger to the website.
• Increased sales by 15%.
• Fulfilled customer demand for grow guides.


Adobe XD, WordPress, WooCommerce, Atom, GitHub, Local, Flywheel


In addition to collaborating on the design of branded t-shirts and decals, we partnered with Yuyi Grows to create a line of apparel featuring illustrations of carnivorous plants, including nepenthes, pinguiculas, and heliamphoras. These items were made available for purchase on their website and at plant shows. This endeavor involved the collective effort of generating vector artwork, which was subsequently sent to the screen printer for production. The selection of the color palette was a collaborative decision, taking into consideration production costs, the client’s budget, research on customer preferences, and the desired profit margin for the client.


Adobe Illustrator


We have conducted numerous photo sessions at the Yuyi Grows greenhouse. Presented here are three photos captured during a night-time, long exposure session in January of 2022.