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2022: Year In Review
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2022: Year In Review

Zane Huggins | 12/16/22

2022 has been an exciting year of learning and growth for our team here at Full Circle Design Studio. We have expanded our client-base, launched new services, updated our visual identity, grown our brand, and welcomed members to our team!

Client Work

This year, we have been fortunate enough to expand our client base and work with a lot of new people and explore different industries. We have developed four brands, built five websites, launched seven products on Creative Market, performed six photo shoots, and made twenty-four blog posts and counting! We have grown our geographic footprint, working with clients in West Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and California.

As exciting as all of these accomplishments may be, they were hard won. This didn’t come without 10-12 hour workdays, negotiations, shifts in member roles, and internal restructuring.

Our Team

Our team grew, shrunk, and grew again. We are currently comprised of two leadership members, an operations manager and a graphic designer. Each of us have worked hard to provide everyone on our team with a fun and constructive work environment even when working towards tight deadlines and high-pressure situations.

Our Brand

Our brand grew, big time! We made major updates to our website to reflect systemic changes to our business, such as clearly communicating our services and products. Our visual identity saw some tweaks and modifications to better reflect our mission, vision, and values. And perhaps most importantly, we have made a brand commitment to merge creativity with technology in everything we do. We have determined that we will foster a mindset of curiosity and innovation to lean into challenges and obstacles to create exciting new work for our clients, and for ourselves.

What’s Next?

Planning for 2023 has been underway for a while. We are exploring new platforms for sharing ideas and collaborating with other creatives. We will continue to refine our services, learn from our mistakes, and above all, you can expect to see us fulfill our brand promise of merging creativity with technology to help our clients achieve their business goals.

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