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Bark Park app mocked up on an iPhone Bark Park app mocked up on an iPhone
Bark Park Prototype
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Bark Park Prototype

Zane Huggins | 02/26/22

Bark Park is a mobile app concept by a group of CMU Business students who needed to present a prototype to help pitch their business plan. Our role was to build the prototype for their presentation, borrowing the user interface styling from the logo they provided.


Bark Park borrows elements from social media platforms to help dog owners safely schedule play dates for their pets at both public and private locations. Prototypes were requested to show both pet owner and pet profiles, dog park profiles, and event/check in options.

This prototype was strictly for the purpose of pitching the business concept—user testing, and an in-depth user interface were not included in this collaboration as the project has not yet been secured. There is much more work to be done on this interface, but we thought this was off to such a great start that we wanted to share our progress.

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