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Full Circle Design Studio: A Re-Introduction
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Full Circle Design Studio: A Re-Introduction

Zane Huggins | 06/13/22


Hi, we are Full Circle Design Studio. We specialize in corporate branding and website design and development. Our team consists of our creative director, Zane; our web development specialist, Weston; our marketing specialist, Landon; and our operations manager, Michael.

Why the need for a re-introduction? Good question! Over the past few years we have grown from a small, Morgantown, WV-based company to a business that works with clients from all over the United States. With clients in San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Pittsburgh, to name a few, our growth over the last year has been unexpectedly fast!

When we say our growth was “unexpectedly fast,” it’s not that we were unprepared. Quite the opposite! We worked very hard to achieve this growth, and had systems in place to accommodate increased project requests, growing overhead expenses, and the need for consistent project management. We put a lot of effort into getting ahead of our own growth by repositioning our business for our evolving audience both on our website and social media. We also invested time into updating our own brand and visual identity to match our new position.


What we do hasn’t changed much since we started, but how we provide our services, who we provide them to, and the way we talk about them has evolved. So, what do we do? We create brands and design and build websites. We provide these services to businesses who are seeking to create a new public perception of their company. 

Your brand is the way people feel about you, and more importantly, how your audience feels about themselves when they interact with your brand. A brand experience occurs anytime a person interacts with an employee or representative from a company, printed materials, or their website. Through market research, empathizing with target audiences, and comprehensive creative strategies, we help companies transform their public perception to achieve their business goals. In short, we find extraordinary, creative solutions to ordinary business challenges.


Equate your company’s brand to a human’s personality. Do they dress in a way that reflects who they are and what they do? What is their tone of voice? We use these indicators to assess the trustworthiness of a person. These same principles apply to a business. That way, people can clearly see your company and brand for what it is.

Lastly, this matters to us. We love creating unique brands, experiences, and websites for businesses. Creating fun and engaging designs while balancing professionalism and marketability is a challenge we happily accept everyday.

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