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The Power of Single Property Real Estate Websites
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The Power of Single Property Real Estate Websites

Zane Huggins | 02/28/23

Single property real estate websites are web pages that are designed specifically for marketing a single property, such as a house or a commercial building. These websites typically include detailed information about the property, such as photos, videos, and descriptions of its features and amenities. They may also include information about the neighborhood, nearby schools and amenities, and the local real estate market.

What Makes A Single Property Deserving of Its Own Website?

The property should have some unique features and characteristics worth showcasing apart from the rest of your listings. A single property website has the capability to tell an in-depth story and immerse your audience in the experiences this property provides—something many typical listing sites, given their simplicity and strict templatization, are unable to achieve. An entire website dedicated to a single property allows you to showcase all it has to offer without the distractions of “similar properties.”

Key Features and Functionality of A Single Property Website

Contact and Information Collecting

This one should be obvious! You need to have a contact form and a broker phone number and email address. Even better yet, you can include a tour scheduling component in addition to the other contact information. Make your agents available to interested parties.

Floor Plans and Availability

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a “contact for availability” message. Show visitors the available listings—and keep them updated! This will help reduce your visitor bounce rate (people who leave your site) due to the inability to obtain the information they are looking for. There are many unique and engaging ways to showcase available spaces, a few of which we will show in our next blog post.


Now for the fun stuff! What type of lifestyle does your property offer its occupants? Is it a commercial workspace with an onsite wellness center? Does it have a ferris wheel? Is there a world-famous café or restaurant right around the corner? Is it next to a park or a shopping mall? All of these are selling points that should be displayed on your single property website. Get creative with the ways you showcase your amenities—a bulleted list doesn’t engage users.

User Journey

The user journey can be very complex, so let’s just scratch the surface. You should ask yourself, “what action do I want the user to take?” It is likely to schedule a tour so you can lease or sell a space in your property. It is important to structure all of your information and user interactions around this action. For example, every page should end with either a form or scheduling component—put it right below the grand finale of information so they itch to learn more.

Let’s say your visitor is impressed with your property, but perhaps they don’t need as much space, or the location isn’t quite right. Below your contact information, provide a link to view your agency’s other listings. This pulls them further into your brand ecosystem in which they will become more familiar with your offerings.


We are huge fans of “extras.” In fact, ”extras” aren’t even extra to us. Everyone knows photos and renderings are important, but what can you do to give your visitor a truly unique experience that will leave a lasting impression? Can you provide an interactive experience? Do you have video content that you can add? Anything your team can provide to enhance the user experience will help keep them on the page, and lead them closer to taking the desired action of scheduling a tour.

Final Thoughts On Single Page Real Estate Websites

As you can see, there can be great advantages to building a website for a single property—but it’s also not necessary for all of your listings! Ask yourself what is special about this property. What kind of revenue will it generate, and how long will it take to offset the costs of the website? What kind of story can you tell about the property? What kind of lifestyle will it provide to its occupants? If the property meets the budgetary requirements, and you can confidently answer the remaining questions, then it may be time to start your single property website!

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