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Listening For Racial Understanding

In our role for the Listening for Racial Understanding social campaign, we led the design of a compelling brand identity, an introductory video sequence, and an intuitive website. The campaign’s aim was to foster meaningful conversations between participants of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. The campaign encouraged individuals to engage in structured dialogues where they answered a set of questions and actively listened by repeating back their partner’s responses. Through thoughtful design and impactful multimedia elements, Listening for Racial Understanding endeavored to create an inclusive platform that promotes empathy, understanding, and constructive dialogue surrounding racial perspectives.

Timeline: June 2021 – November 2021
Role: Branding + UI/UX Consultancy
Client: Design for Social Justice

Color Palette

Red 1 #922f11
Red 2 #b26447
Red 3 #d5a28b
Blue 1 #2f3068
Blue 2 #626190
Blue 3 #afaec9


UI/UX + Managed Hosting

In building the Listening for Racial Understanding website, our design and development team curated an immersive user experience. The introductory landing page served as a gateway to the campaign, offering a concise yet compelling overview. We integrated an event calendar, allowing participants to stay informed about upcoming exhibitions and fostering community engagement.

Furthermore, the website featured a comprehensive video archive, organized to showcase all recorded participant conversations. This archive not only provided a testament to the diversity of voices engaged in the campaign but also served as a lasting resource for fostering ongoing conversations around racial understanding. The seamless integration of these features aimed to make the website a dynamic hub for the campaign’s mission, promoting inclusivity and dialogue.

Campaign Introduction Video Sequence

In crafting the introductory video sequence for Listening for Racial Understanding, we merged motion graphics with video footage extracted from recorded participant conversations. Through a blend of dynamic visuals and authentic dialogue snippets, we aimed to captivate viewers from the outset, setting the tone for the campaign’s ethos of empathy and understanding. The result is a visually compelling narrative that not only introduces the campaign but also serves as a powerful testament to the diverse voices at the heart of this transformative initiative.