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Rising Creek 2 / Tutto Gelato

For Rising Creek 2, Tutto Gelato, a bakery and cafe with locations in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, we undertook a comprehensive branding initiative. Our work included crafting a distinctive logo, defining a vibrant color palette, and establishing typography guidelines to create a cohesive visual identity. Additionally, we contributed to the overall brand atmosphere by providing photography for their interior design, ensuring a consistent and appealing brand image across their establishments.

Client: Rising Creek 2, Tutto Gelato

Role: Brand Consultancy

Timeline: Spring 2021

Color Palette

Slate #343333
Orange #cd4c36
Brown #896b57
Green #848a7b
Blue #97b7b2


Brand + Identity

The logo for Rising Creek 2, Tutto Gelato seamlessly blends the rustic outdoors aesthetic of Rising Creek’s original bakery with the Italian heritage of Tutto Gelato’s original location, creating a harmonious visual representation of the brand’s fusion. The color palette, inspired by nature and the warmth of Italian landscapes, features muted tones of turquoise, orange, brown, green, and turquoise, conveying a welcoming and authentic ambiance across the brand.

Logo Variations

The Rising Creek 2, Tutto Gelato logo comes in versatile variations to suit various applications. The landscape version is optimized for digital platforms, the stacked version provides flexibility for apparel branding, and the seal version is designed for impactful use on signage, ensuring a consistent and adaptable brand presence across diverse mediums.

Logo Concepts

Above are the three concepts we presented to Rising Creek 2, Tutto Gelato for their co-branded location.